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4 Things You Should Know If Your Business Or Office Floods

What To Do If Your Business Floods

Imagine walking into work one day and seeing the place flooded from a water leak. Besides panic, what do you do if your office or business floods? Who do you call? Do you leave or stay?

Emergencies like this are always unexpected, they can happen anywhere and at any time. The best way to handle these situations is to be prepared.

Here’s a quick summary what you need to know if you find your office under water:

  • Always remember – safety first!
  • Know where your main water supply valve is on the property so you can turn it off.
  • Keep track of valuables and water-damaged items (this will help with your insurance claim)
  • Call a trusted water restoration company near you to help prevent further losses.

1. Remember Safety First

During a flood, the safety of you and your employees should be of the utmost importance. Following the advice below can help ensure everybody gets out of the office safely.

Turn off all power to rooms that are affected. Not doing this first can turn a messy situation into a dangerous one. Walk carefully on wet surfaces especially when moving from carpeted areas onto hard surfaces.

Do not walk under any sagging ceilings, they could collapse and cause injury.

Avoid turning on any overhead lights if the ceiling is wet. Do not operate any electrical appliances while standing on wet carpets or floors.

2. Know Where Your Water Supply Is

There is often a main water shut-off valve located outside of your office. Usually, this requires a valve key, so be sure to know where that’s located.

If you cannot do this, then call a professional flood damage restoration company near you to do so.

3. Keep Track of the Valuables

This helps keep the costs of replacing items down. Remove any and all expensive items (including furniture, pictures, and paintings) to unaffected areas.

If you can’t move some of the furniture try to place aluminum foil or plastic under its legs. If the piece of furniture is solid at its base, put wooden blocks or Styrofoam under it.

Don’t forget to clean off any water that may have splashed onto the furniture.

If there are any items that are irreplaceable make sure to have copies stored in a place that is not likely to flood.

4. Know Who to Call If Your Business Floods

Make sure you have the phone numbers for your plumber and local water restoration company on hand. Do not wait to call. When a flood forces you to close your business doors, you lose money. The sooner you call a restoration company, the quicker your office is back in business.

Call Us If Your Dallas Office or Business is Flooded

Don’t have a restoration company in mind? No worries! We provide commercial restoration services for the entire Dallas/ Fort Worth area. We’re available 24/7 if you need water removed from your Dallas business. Call us now at (214) 731-4624 to get a completely free visual inspection and estimate.

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