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Creating A Disaster Preparedness Plan For Business Owners


Water damage can strike anywhere, anytime. Commercial properties are at a greater risk of sustaining major water damage. Interruptions from water damage cost money and may put your business at risk of closing permanently. Preparing for both large and small-scale water damage disasters protects your livelihood and gets you back in business quickly after a disaster.

All businesses are at risk of sustaining water damage, whether from a natural disaster such as hurricanes or flooding, or from other sources of water damage like a broken pipe or leaking roof. And since many businesses are often only occupied for about eight to twelve hours a day, a small problem can easily cause a significant amount of water damage.

Despite the risks, most businesses don’t have an emergency plan in place. Establishing responsibilities and processes before a disaster happens can reduce your downtime after an emergency, and helps put your mind at ease.

Creating a Water Damage Disaster Preparedness Plan For Business’s

The weather can be unpredictable, and the severity of a storm can be an unknown until it is too late. Flash flooding can happen at a minute’s notice, and storm damage to the roof or windows can allow water into an otherwise secure building.

Whatever the reason, water damage can derail your business. Creating an emergency disaster preparedness plan can help your business prepare for a disaster, minimizing the impact on your business and your employees.

1. Establish Roles and Responsibilities

When disaster strikes, it’s essential that you and your employees know who has the authority to make decisions related to your business. At least one other person should have the authority to call a water damage restoration company during an emergency situation. The sooner the call is made, the sooner someone will be able to provide help.

2. Plan for Communication During and After a Water Damage Emergency

Have a plan in place to notify employees of the current situation, needs, and the plans moving forward. You can do this by using a phone tree, email, or other reliable means of communication. Make sure your employees know where to go to receive information in an emergency. You will also need a team to communicate with vendors and suppliers, as well as any branches or outside offices.

3. Partner with a Water Damage Restoration Company

Take some time before an emergency strikes to identify a water damage restoration company in Dallas that has experience with your type of business or building, and who has the resources available to perform water damage cleanup quickly and effectively.

Regent Restoration provides emergency water damage restoration services to businesses and commercial properties in Dallas and the surrounding communities. Contact us today to learn how we can help in a water damage emergency.

Let’s Review

  • Commercial Properties are often vacant for extended hours
  • Chances are water damage will occur when no one is in the building
  • Create an emergency water damage plan
  • Have a plan in place in case of an emergency situation
  • Partnering with a Water Damage Restoration Company speeds up response time
  • The sooner you contact Regent, the sooner the situation is handled