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Ceiling Water Damage Your Trusted Restoration Specialists

Ceiling Water Damage Repair Dallas

Whether it’s from a broken pipe, leaky roof, or a water overflow, a leaking ceiling is never a good thing. Don’t worry— we can fix that problem.

Our ceiling water damage repair experts are available 24/7 and serve the entire Dallas metroplex.

Our professionals can immediately stop the source of the water, dry out affected areas, and repair any structural damage.

Call us at (214) 643-8844 for immediate service now!

What You Should Do If You Have a Water-Damaged Ceiling

If you notice water is leaking through your ceiling or you spot signs of water damage (like mold or stains), it’s crucial that a trusted ceiling water damage repair company before you take any other actions.

DIY ceiling repairs are not recommended. If you try to repair your ceiling without identifying the true source of the water intrusion, the damage will worsen over time.

There is very likely much more water in the cavities of your home than what is visible to the naked eye, and an ongoing leak can lead to structural damage and ​mold growth.

Restoration companies use specialized equipment, like infrared cameras, that help them accurately detect the true source of water damage.

With that said, there are some steps you can take to minimize the damage and protect your property while you’re waiting for the pros to arrive.

Step 1: Identify the Water Source

There are two main culprits for ceiling leaks: Damaged roofing or plumbing systems.

Identifying the true source of the leak is tricky because water can flow for quite some distance before it becomes visible. 

For instance, water might be leaking through the ceiling in the living room, but it could have originated from an attic leak or from a broken pipe in another room.

While it’s hard to spot the source of the leak using only the naked eye, there are some clues you can look for. 

Identifying Roof Leaks

  • Is the ceiling directly below an attic?
  • Is the water brown or dirty? 
  • Does it leak during or after a rainfall?
  • Is the insulation in your attic damp or soggy?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then there’s a good chance the leak is coming from the roof.

Identifying Plumbing Leaks

  • Does the leak or water damage appear beneath a bathroom or another room where you know water pipes are located?
  • Is the water clear?
  • Does it leak at a steady rate and seems never-ending?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you’re likely dealing with a plumbing system leak. 

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The Regent Restoration Difference

  • Fast Response Time
    We understand that most, if not all, restoration services come unplanned and often at the worst of times. This is why we aim for same-day service to make sure we can tackle the issue right away.
  • We Help With Insurance Claims
    Let us take be your advocate with your insurance provider. Our goal is to take the weight off of your shoulders during the restoration process.
  • Locally Owned & Operated
    As a proud member of our Dallas community, we take pride in providing our customers with quick & effective solutions to allow them to get back to their lives as quickly as possible.
  • Full Service Company
    We handle every step of the process in-house. No other contractors needed.

Trusted For A Reason

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