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Appliance Leaks Your Trusted Restoration Specialists

#1 Rated Water Leak Cleanup in Dallas

From leaking pipes to leaking appliances, so many things can result in water damage. We’re here to stop that.

Our IICRC trained water leak cleanup professionals are standing by to help you 24/7 and serve the entire Dallas metroplex.

When our pros pull up to the scene, they will deploy water cleaning vacuums and fans to get your home moisture-free.

You can count on our certified restoration experts to quickly clean up and dry your property after a water leak. Call us at (214) 643-8844 for immediate service now!

What To Do If You Have a Water Leak (5 Easy Steps)

Step 1: Shut Off the Water Source (If You Can)

If your leak is coming from an appliance or fixture— like a washing machine, toilet, sink— shutting off the water supply valve is fairly easy.

What you’ll need to do is locate the water supply line valve connected to those appliances. Most supply lines are located somewhere underneath or behind the appliance.

The valve can be in the form of a lever, a spigot, or a knob. Turn the valve clockwise to shut it off.

For water heaters, shut off the gas valve to the water heater first before turning off the water. For electric water heaters, go to the breaker box and shut off the specific breaker for the water heater.

If you can’t identify where the leak is coming from or are having trouble finding the water supply line to an appliance, shut off the home’s main water supply.

This is usually located above or beneath the water heater or somewhere in the garage. Turn the valve clockwise.

Step 2: Document the Damages

It sounds counter-intuitive, but you actually want to document the water damage before you begin cleaning up.Take photos or videos of the leak, the affected areas, and any water-damaged property.

 This evidence will help with your insurance claim later down the line.

Step 3: Clean Up the Water

Grab towels, a bucket, and a mop, and begin soaking up as much water as you can. If you have access to a wet vac this will help greatly.

Step 4: Move Furniture, Personal Items, Or Anything Else You Don’t Want Ruined

Any item of importance needs to removed from the affected area if you don’t want it to take on water damage. If you need help moving heavier items, like furniture, a proper water leak cleanup company will move these items for you.

Step 5: Begin Drying

Set up fans at full blast around the room and point them towards the affected area or the floor.

Open up cabinets and doors to help speed up the drying the process.

You can also open windows and doors to allow for more airflow. However, you’ll want to keep them closed if it recently rained or if the outside air is humid.

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The Regent Restoration Difference

  • Fast Response Time
    We understand that most, if not all, restoration services come unplanned and often at the worst of times. This is why we aim for same-day service to make sure we can tackle the issue right away.
  • We Help With Insurance Claims
    Let us take be your advocate with your insurance provider. Our goal is to take the weight off of your shoulders during the restoration process.
  • Locally Owned & Operated
    As a proud member of our Dallas community, we take pride in providing our customers with quick & effective solutions to allow them to get back to their lives as quickly as possible.
  • Full Service Company
    We handle every step of the process in-house. No other contractors needed.

Trusted For A Reason

Hear Stories From Those We've Helped
    “The gentleman is helpful and considerate.”
    “The gentleman is helpful and considerate.”
    - Anita L.
    “Highly Recommend”
    “Mike Whittington did great work with obvious expertise, all while being extremely kind and professional.”
    - C. G.
    “Definitely went above and beyond.”
    “Dry out and repair work was done very well.”
    - Alissa W.
    “Would use them again in a heartbeat.”
    “Customer service like you use to get back in the good days before contractors cared about just getting in as fast as they can to make a quick buck.”
    - Rafael T.
    “The water team went above what I expected to help me.”
    “Overall, everybody at this company is very thorough and followed through on all issues related to the leak in my home.”
    - Shirley J.
    “The guys were great.”
    “I am very pleased with the outcome of my situation and without a doubt will recommend them when given the opportunity.”
    - Russell H.
    “I couldn’t be more grateful.”
    “They took a very traumatic and painful situation and made it far easier for us, alleviating a lot of stress by being so thorough and caring.”
    - Angel M.
    “5 Stars”
    “When the remediation was over, my husband said to me, “That was easy.” It really was. I would work with Mr. Garcia and his crew again without hesitation.”
    - Rose M.