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There’S Water Damage In Your Home, What Do You Do?

If your house is flooding or you all of a sudden find water damage in your home you’re probably wondering “what in sam’s hell do I do”? Well, the first thing you’ll need to do is call a water damage restoration company near you or a plumber.

Unfortunately, even pros need some time to prepare and get to the accident site, so here are the 3 first important things to immediately do about water damage while you wait for us to come to your rescue.

Stop The Water

The very first step is to stop whatever leak or flood is wreaking havoc in your property. Determine where the source of water is coming from. If it is some sort of pipe damage or appliance that is connected to a water source, the best way to stop the leakage would be simply to turn off the water connected to it. You can do this by turning off the nearest water valve. If you cannot find it or it doesn’t have one, you may need to turn off the water at your house.

Be careful if the leak is coming from an appliance. You can try turning the appliance off but it might be dangerous if the appliance is near an electrical outlet.

If the damage is coming in from an outside source and it is simple enough to stop with very minimum effort and contact, then proceed to do so while you wait. One common thing to keep in mind is to never assume that a leak or flood is easily stopped and harmless, you may end up causing more damage or risk for yourself.

Prevent Electrocution

The second thing to do regardless if you were able to stop the leak or not is to prevent electrocution by safely removing yourself and any possessions from any area near an electrical outlet.

Be very cautious, it is much safer to turn off your electricity from the breaker panel than to try to unplug appliances or anything connected near water.

Once our team arrives they will be able to determine if an electrical outlet is dangerous or not.

Remove Valuables

The first 2 steps were mainly for control and safety, removing your valuables is a prevention of loss. Anything that is of value to you that is affected by the leak or flood should be removed to prevent damage.

It is a good idea to remove what you can, but in the case that something is too big or heavy, our helpful response team would be glad to assist you to move or elevate your belongings.

If you are experiencing sewage damage it is best not to come into contact with it, for safety reasons. This means many belongings may not be able to be restored.

If There’s Water Damage in Your Home, Call Us!

Our last bit of advice is to pick up a phone and give us a call. We serve the entire Dallas/Fort Worth area and can arrive at your DFW property within 30 minutes.

We’re available 24/7 to respond to any range of leaks, floods or accidents. If there’s water damage in your home our professionals are here to help you. We’ll quickly clean up the water, while also preventing further damage! Call us now at (214) 643-8844

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