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Tips For Picking The Perfect Carpet For Your Home


Picking out carpet isn’t just about finding a color or style that you like. You first need to think about where you plan on putting the carpet. You want it to look good through the years with the amount of traffic it gets. Before you buy carpet ask yourself the following questions:

What is the space used for?

Will it get lots of traffic?

Does the lighting change throughout the day?

Is it installed near an outdoor space, bathroom or pool?

The type of carpet you buy will depend on the use of the area. If it is a high-traffic area we recommend a low pile. If the area is prone to moisture or installed near a bathroom or pool choose a carpet has an all-weather “marine” backing for moisture resistance. We also recommend getting a carpet sample that you can try out in your space. You can look at the sample throughout the day to see how the color may change depending on the lighting.

A big trend in today’s carpet is the level of softness. How does it feel when you walk on it? This is determined by the material the carpet is made from. Please call one of our flooring specialist at 214-731-4624 for more information.  They can tell you exactly the fibers you will need for your carpets location and help you find a style that you will love.